Sunday, 5 February 2017

AT&T Customer Care Number

Here is the list of AT&T Customer care numbers. All numbers are toll free.
These customer service numbers are for at&t phone company, They offers various at&t wirless services, at&t wireless services, vesta at&t services, at&t premier services, at&t account login issues, at&t coverage issues.

Customer Service Contact Numbers
  • Wireless - 1-800-331-0500 (toll free)
  • Business - 1-888-944-0447 (toll free)
  • Residential - 1-800-288-2020 (toll free)
  • Spanish Language  - 1-800-870-5855 (toll free)
  • Legacy AT&T Consumer - 1-800-222-0300 (toll free)
  • English - 1-800-288-2020  (toll free)
  • Chinese Mandarin - 1-888-333-2828  (toll free)
  • Cantonese - 1-800-281-2288  (toll free)
  • Korean - 1-800-300-6657  (toll free)
  • Vietnamese - 1-800-300-5315  (toll free)
  • Japanese - 1-800-573-7573  (toll free)
  • Tagalog - 1-800-956-8084  (toll free)
  • Russian - 1-888-882-4839  (toll free)
  • Polish - 1-800-417-1588  (toll free)
  • Arabic - 1-877-677-9195  (toll free)
  • Other Languages 1-800-203-8600  (toll free)
Please share other support numbers by commenting below for att customer service number.

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